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The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) in collaboration with Nursing Services has implemented the nationally-recognized EPA's "IAQ Tools for Schools" program in LAUSD. This little to no cost approach includes an IAQ Action Kit which guides schools and offices in carrying out a practical plan to improve indoor air quality. Please refer to Reference Guide 5354.0 Implementation of the EPA's Tools for Schools Program to Improve Indoor Air Quality (*.pdf).

OEHS recently produced three public service announcements on Indoor Air Quality and Asthma Awareness (see links below). We encourage schools and offices to use these videos in communicating to students and staff how poor indoor air quality can impact the school environment. Please note, in the video titled "Smelling Good May Be Hazardous To Your Health!" the use of aerosol products is dramatized. These products are often misused as “inhalants”. As such, aerosol products are strictly prohibited for student use at schools. You may refer to Bulletin 3277.1, Preventative Measures and Mandatory Procedures for Students Who Violate Laws Regarding Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Intoxicants (*pdf).

Indoor Air Quality Videos

1. Don't Mess With My Fresh Air!
2. Smelling Good May Be Hazardous To Your Health!
3. Would You Like Some Bug Spray With Your Chips?

Concerns or complaints associated with indoor air quality, excessive classroom noise or inadequate lighting may also be directed to OEHS at (213) 241-3199. You may also refer to Safety Alert No. 05-02, Indoor Environmental Quality. for further information.