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Radio Communications Operating Instructions
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OEHS has added streaming videos to provide site administrators with training tools for use at their sites. Additional streaming videos will be added to this site as they become available.  To view a video, click on the title. 

Videos with the   icon require Windows Media Player to be viewed.  Click here to download Windows Media Player 10 for free.

Videos with the icon require Real Payer to be viewed.  Click here to download Real Player for free.

Chapter #1. Introduction (5 min.)
Chapter #2. New Base Station (5 min.)
Chapter #3. Red Labeled Radio (1 min.)
Chapter #4. Kenwood TK3200 (2 min.)
Chapter #5. Kenwood TK3100 (1 min.)
Chapter #6. Motorola P110 (1 min.)
  Chapter #7. Motorola SP50 (2 min.)  
  Chapter #8. Motorola HT50 (2 min.)  
  Chapter #9. Motorola P100 (1 min.)  
  Chapter #10. Motorola MT500 (2 min.)  
  Chapter #11. Motorola HT90 (2 min.)  
  Chapter #12. Motorola HT210 (2 min.)  
  Chapter #13. Sending Radios for Repair (1 min.)  
  Chapter #14. Repairing the Base Station (1 min.)  
  Chapter #15. Help Desk (323) 224-2277 (1 min.)  

Please click here to view other videos provided by OEHS.