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Staff Responsiveness Standards

Responsiveness to conditions that may affect the health and safety of students and staff is a key attribute of OEHS employees. The following measures have been established by OEHS to ensure the prompt identification, assessment and mitigation of such conditions.

  1. OEHS staff will notify their supervisor of any condition which may endanger students and staff. The notification shall be documented in the Contact Log or through a Corrective Action Notice. The condition will be discussed with the Deputy Director and a decision will be made on the need to inform Board Members, Executive Staff and other members of the school community. Whenever a condition is alleged by school staff or a parent to represent an endangerment, OEHS staff will immediately review the allegation with the supervisor and/or Deputy Director.

  2. Health and safety requests, complaints or inquiries are to be entered in the Contact Log by the OEHS Duty Officer or other person taking the call, and directed to appropriate staff for response. The responder will make contact with the complainant within 24 hours to provide an update on the response.

  3. OEHS staff will notify their supervisor of any request or assignment from Senior Executive Staff or Board Members. An update will be provided to the requestor within 24 hours.

  4. Complaints or referrals involving a potential health or safety risk are often poorly defined in nature and scope when received by OEHS. OEHS staff are accountable for assessing the risk, clearly defining its full scope, identifying the necessary corrective action, ensuring the action is implemented, and confirming that the risk is in fact mitigated.

  5. In response to discovery or notification of a potential health or safety risk, every effort should be made to clearly document all actions taken from initial discovery through resolution. While such documentation is important, the primary and ultimate objective is the effective mitigation of the risk and resolution of the issue. Achieving this objective will often require actions and/or cooperation from other District operating divisions, regulatory agencies, or other external entities. But it is the ultimate responsibility of OEHS to ensure this objective is in fact achieved.

  6. The District is subject to various regulatory reporting requirements related to site assessment and regulatory compliance. When there is a question about whether a field discovery requires regulatory notification, this determination will be made in consultation with the appropriate Deputy Director and Director.

  7. Staff are required to keep District-assigned cell phones “on” and in their possession during designated work hours, and are encouraged to keep phones “on” from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The two designated OEHS Emergency Responders are “on-call” and available for after-hour incidents.